Oral Sex Techniques For Married Couples To Spice Up The Bedroom

Marriage is an institution that should bring pleasure to the husband and wife. They should always focus on how to achieve mutual pleasure more so than just having plain sex. The husband and wife should be concerned with each other to ensure that all goes well. Bedroom moments should be a precious time to bond and should be given the attention they need.

To keep the bedroom from becoming boring you need to try out new things. Oral sex is one of these very important things to keep your bedroom life spiced up. You need to plan for it and at times discuss it with your partner. Most women are shy to have it, so you need to address the issue with the sensitivity it requires. Among the techniques you should consider when approaching oral sex are:

1. Genital kissing
To achieve maximum sexual tension for your wife, you need to start by kissing her breasts and nipples. Go down to her belly, abdomen, and inside of her thighs. Take time to do it softly until she starts panting. Proceed to kiss her labia which are the larger lips of the vagina. Kiss her deeply in alternative stroke till she turns helpless and weak.

2. Tongue insertion
Tongue insertion to her vagina is a quick way to make her reach orgasm. You, however, need to create the mood before making a tongue insertion. Having licked her perineum and clitoris, go ahead to tease her with the tip of the tongue. Take it slowly until she feels relaxed and then you can proceed to use the blade of the tongue. Act to move the blade in and out slowly before you do it in quick succession stroke. By doing this, you will have conquered, and the lady will be helpless in your arms. Do it repeatedly until she achieves orgasm.

Oral sex is something that should not miss in any marriage. The husband and wife need to have it frequently to spice up their marriage. It is best to provide as much pleasure for your partner as you can to avoid sexual indiscretions. Why then compromise your marriage, and you can get started today and achieve maximum pleasure for your partner? Try it today by taking into consideration the above guide, and you will like it!

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